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Kicking A Dead Horse
Directed by Sam Shepard

Stephen Rea (Crying Game & V for Vendetta) and I performing at The Public Theater with sold out shows

"Years ago I met a young teenager whose talent, dedication and energy belied her years. As she grew, I continued to work with her on many projects. Elissa has all the ingredients of a true artist--talent, dedication, joy and that undefinable essence that makes her special. She is caring, well mannered and a little bit crazy (in the best way), and one of the finest actors I have worked with."------William Sanders, Director  2019


Moon Shadow Pictures LLC World Premiere

"Elissa is one of the most talented and expressive actors I've had the privilege of working with. She is honest and tenacious in her performances-----that's a rare thing actually; she's willing to find the right tone and voice for a character. That is absolute gold for a director."

----Alvin Case, Director In The Moon's Shadow  

"The Acting was superb"-- Mark Goodfriend MIFF in The Mountains


Ellie's Perk

"It is a pleasure working with Elissa

Piszel from drama to comedy her

range is limitless. As as a director of

photography, it's her professionalism

that I really appreciate.

On set, Elissa is very focused and

reliable. She is a true asset to any

production. I look forward to working

with her again. --- Ellie's Perk

George Mitas, Cinematographer

Duped 2018, Gravesend 2021

Darren Stein

"I've worked with Elissa on my film Shudder Speed when we were at NYU. She's a natural-vulnerable, very human and luminous on camera. You can see all

her emotions rippling at the surface.

She brings so much humanity, pathos and commitment to every role she plays.

She's a joy to work with". ----------

Darren Stein

(award winning film director Jawbreaker, Sparkler & GBF)

three girls in Nebraska.JPG

"...absolutely stunning eclipse footage. In The Moon's Shadow is true Independent Filmmaking featuring a strong soundtrack composed for the film by Lady Lamb."  --Ken Eisen/MIFF22   


13 time Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey on Elissa Piszel  and friend of Sam Shepard.

"I have worked with many great actors, but the best part of working with Elissa is that she knows the camera as well as I do and that defines her as an actor with an understanding of the cinema of screen space. That makes it a joy to work with her.------Seamus McGarvey,  Director of Photography The Greatest Showman

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